Our School Curriculum


All children are unique and individual. So are all schools. With this in mind we have in place our own broad and balanced curriculum, which ensures coverage of statutory curriculum content, knowledge and skills; but also incorporates elements that reflect our context and the skills and experiences we want our children to develop and encounter during their time at our school.

To learn more about the subject curriculum content at Endon Hall…

​Click here to view the ​Primary National Curriculum 2014

​Click here to view our Endon Hall Curriculum Policy Sept 2018 and Endon Hall Religious Education Policy Sept 2018

The key drivers for our curriculum are:

  • Opportunities/Possibilities
  • Environment
  • The Arts

In order to engage and excite the children, we organise our curriculum into thematic areas. We aim to nurture lifelong learning using Building Learning Power, Co-operative Learning and Life Skills as threads weaved throughout our curriculum.

​Our curriculum is:

  • Rooted in knowledge and understanding
  • Skills based
  • Experiential
  • Creative 
  • Engaging
  • Collaborative

We plan for outdoor learning wherever possible, both within our school grounds and beyond. A range of educational and residential visits are in place to extend learning and develop skills.

Children progress at different rates and have differing strengths and weaknesses. Our curriculum aims to strike a balance between the core skills (English and Maths) and the foundation subject skills (Science, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Computing, Physical Education, Religious Education, Art and Design, Music, Languages and Personal Development); in order that children’s talents can be exploited and applied more widely.


Curriculum information


Click on the relevant links below to see an overview of the termly curriculum subject content for each year group…

Year 1:

Year 1 Autumn Term Mysterious and Magical World

Year 1 Spring Term Plan Global Gardens

Year 1 Summer Term Exploring Our Coast

Year 2:

Year 2 Autumn Term SpaceYear 2 Autumn Term Space

Year 2 Spring Term Stoke-on-Trent

Year 2 Summer Term Into the Jungle

Year 3:

Year 3 Autumn Term World War 2

Year 3 Spring Term Invaders and Settlers

Year 3 Summer Term United Kingdom

Year 4:

Year 4 Autumn Term Iron Bronze and Stone Age

Year 4 Spring Term Tudors

Year 4 Summer Term Who are our neighbours

Year 5:

Year 5 Autumn Term Greeks

Year 5 Spring Term Mayans

Year 5 Summer Term Rivers

Year 6:

Year 6 Autumn Term Ancient Egypt

Year 6 Spring Term Victorians

Year 6 Summer Term North and South America


A daily Phonic session is planned and delivered in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, following the Letters and Sounds programme. For those children who do not achieve the expected standard in the Year 1 Phonics Screening test, further Phonics support is put in place in Year 2. 


Reading schemes

Banded books are used for individual reading at home and for Guided Reading in school. A range of schemes are utilised, including:

  • Collins Big Cats​
  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Cambridge Reading
  • Pelican​

Maths Schemes

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