How We Assess Learning

At Endon Hall Primary & Nursery School, we recognise that good practice in assessment:


  • Promotes and supports learning
  • Informs teaching
  • Is both formative and summative
  • Uses appropriate and diverse strategies
  • Recognises ALL progress and achievement
  • Develops the capacity for self assessment ​
  • Fosters a shared involvement and responsibility between school and home

Assessment is not an end in itself; its main purpose is to support teaching and learning by identifying what children already know and can do and what their next steps should be. Therefore, assessments are made on an on-going basis.  Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning which is evident in every lesson.​

Assessment includes:

  • Marking work (oral or written feedback​)
  • Evidencing/cross referencing learning towards end of year expectations
  • Testing – formal, summative assessments are carried out at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 6) in accordance with National Curriculum assessment requirements; Standardised tests are carried out yearly; internal tests in Reading and Maths are carried out termly
  • Observing children – this includes listening to how they describe their work and their reasoning
  • Questioning, using open questions, phrased to invite children to explore their ideas and reasoning
  • Asking children to communicate their thinking in different ways
  • Setting tasks which require children to use certain skills or apply ideas to move on in lessons

End of Year expectation documents are used to track children and allow for the use of the methods listed above in building a record of each child’s progress in the core subjects. Click below to find out more about the end of year expectations for each year group.


Standardised tests are carried out yearly. The results from these tests are used to compare our data with national scores, as well as being able to determine the level of progress made.


​The process of moderation is an essential part of the assessment system. Teachers engage in a moderation process to ensure agreement on criteria for end of year expectations.
Termly assessments are kept of children’s attainment in the foundation subjects.

End of Key Stage assessment (Year 2 and Year 6)

National Curriculum end of year statements outline what children are expected to achieve by the end of each year, in order to meet National expectations.

Children sit statutory tests at the end of each Key Stage, assessing their attainment towards National expectations.

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