Our Dedicated Team of Staff

Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding & LAC Lead – Miss V Lewis 

Deputy Headteacher / Curriculum Lead – Miss E Salt

Assistant Headteacher / English Lead / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs C Ward

Assistant Headteacher / Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Lead – Mrs G Fairhall (part time)

Middle Leaders – Miss C Sheldon (Maths Leader) and Miss A Coleman (Healthy Schools lead)

Year Group Staff

Nursery – Mrs S Brown, Miss L Dawson, Miss L White & Miss S Brown 

Reception Teacher – Mrs S Ellis

Reception Support Staff – Miss L Sanzeri

Year 1 Teacher – Miss H Rowley

Year 1 Support Staff – Mrs S McQuillan 

Year 2 Teacher – Mrs C Ward

Year 2 Support Staff – Mrs J Harrison

Year 3 Teacher – Miss A Coleman 

Year 3 Support Staff – Mrs J Wilkinson

Year 4 Teacher – Mr R Harrison 

Year 4 Support Staff – Mrs N Knight & Mrs J Plant

Year 5 Teacher – Miss C Sheldon 

Year 5 Support Staff – Miss H Godwin & Mrs A Plant

Year 6 Teacher – Miss E Salt 

Year 6 Support Staff – Miss A Townshend & Mrs J Leese

Specialist Staff / Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Harrison

Mrs A Plant

Mrs J Condliffe

Mrs J Grange​

Bee Active

Business Manager – Mrs M Martin

Admin Officer – Mrs D Meredith

Clerical Assistant – Mrs N Cooper

Caretaker – Mr C Heath

Lunchtime Supervisors – Mrs E Hargreaves & Mrs J Gibson