Our School Policies


Here are all the key policies that govern our school. Click on the policy name to open the pdf file. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. If you do not already have this installed on your PC follow the link to Download & Install

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General Policies


Accessibility & Disability Plan – ​Endon Hall Accessibility & Disability Plan Nov 2018

Admissions Policy – Endon Hall Admissions Policy Nov 2018

Attendance & Punctuality Policy ​- Endon Hall Attendance and Punctuality Policy Jan 2019

Attendance & Punctuality Policy ​ Local Authority Code of Conduct for issuing Penalty Notices Sept 2017

Behaviour Policy – Endon Hall Behaviour Policy June 2019

Charges & Remissions Policy – Endon Hall Charges and Remissions Policy March 2019

Compliments & Complaints Policy – Endon Hall Compliments and Complaints Policy March 2019

​Debt Recovery Policy – Endon Hall Debt Recovery Policy March 2019

Emergency Preparedness Policy – Endon Hall Invacuation Lockdown Medical Emergency and Evacuation Policy July 2018

Equality Policy – Endon Hall Equality Policy Nov 2018

Health & Safety Policy – Endon Hall Health & Safety Policy March 2019

Homework Policy – Endon Hall Homework Policy Sept 2019

Medication Policy – Endon Hall Medication Policy March 2017

Medical Conditions Policy – ​Endon Hall Medical Conditions Policy March 2018

Mobile Phone & Camera Policy – Endon Hall Mobile Phone, Camera and Device Policy June 2018

Online Safety Policy – Endon Hall Online Safety Policy July 2019

Photography Policy – Endon Hall Photography Policy May 2019

Privacy Notice – GDPR Privacy Notice re children and families June 2019

PSHE (inc Sex & Drug Education) Policy – Endon Hall PSHE Policy Sept 2016

Religious Education Policy – Endon Hall Religious Education Policy Sept 2018

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy – Endon Hall Safeguarding Policy Sept 2018

Safeguarding (Whistle Blowing) Policy – Endon Hall Whistleblowing Policy re Safeguarding Jan 2018

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy – Endon Hall Special Educational Needs Policy Nov 2018

Vexatious Complaints Policy – Endon Hall Vexatious Complaints Policy March 2018