Pupil Premium

Endon Hall Primary & Nursery School is committed to providing an appropriately challenging, inclusive and high-quality education for all. We believe that children should be supported to achieve their very best, regardless of background or any challenges they face, and we strive to provide both academic and wider experiences and opportunities to enable this.

This document focusses on how we intend to achieve this aim for our disadvantaged and most vulnerable children.

Embedded in our wider-school Graduated Approach to support, this strategy complements our focus on high-quality teaching which is recognised by the Education Endowment Foundation as the most important lever schools have to improve pupil attainment.

We recognise that approaches which work well for our children with most need are also effective for wider pupil groups and we have incorporated this thinking into our planning (below). Our knowledge of the children, along with a range of assessments, aids early identification and informs the planning and delivery of further support. Regular reviews ensure maximum impact, with adaptations implemented according to progress.

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