Continuation of Learning during School ‘Closure’…


Endon Echo letter to parents v2


  • Week 11 (Wk bg 1.6.2020) home learning packs 

Please click below to access the relevant year group home learning pack…

Nursery – Week 11

Reception – Week 11

Year 1 – Week 11

Year 2 – Week 11

Year 3 – Week 11

Year 4 – Week 11

Year 5 – Week 11

Year 6 – Week 11

Other online learning streams…


Click here for a zip file containing…Resources/word mats to support children’s learning 

* NEW * A catalogue of online activities for children with SEND can be found via this link –

CodeBreakers is a step-by-step systematic synthetic phonics and multi sensory language programme for pupils with dyslexia or those looking to boost reading & spelling. They have some free resources which can be accessed by visiting

Find sensory activities by visiting

Staffordshire Autism Outreach Team



For younger children

Organised by year group

Organised by year group


Exciting activities to compliment the home learning packs and try something new! 

Inspiration for the dancers and singers out there…!  

1. Bringing world-class ballet to your doorstep

2. Mylene’s Music Klass

3. Manchester Camerata, who our Year 4 children have worked with for the last couple of years, have created ‘Mini Music Makers’. A new video will be posted on Manchester Camerata’s Facebook and YouTube channels every Tuesday and Thursday at 10.30am.

Ideas to keep active…

1. Daily workout – 9am – The Body Coach

2. Weekly Dance tutorials – Diversity   

3. Here are some ideas for supporting parents to teach PE at home


Previous home learning packs…


Week 9 – Wk bg 18.5.2020 – All year groups home learning packs


Week 8 – Wk bg 11th May – All year groups home learning packs


Week 7 – Wk bg 4th May – All year groups home learning packs


Week 6 – Wk bg 27th April 2020 – All year groups home learning packs


Week 5 – Wk Bg 20th April 2020 – All year groups home learning packs


Week 2 – Wk bg 30th March 2020 – All year groups home learning packs


  • Week 1 of School Closure (Week beginning 23rd March 2020)  
Week 1 – Wk bg 23rd March 2020 – All year groups home learning packs


Please feel free to ‘think outside the box’ and try some of these activities with your child…

  • Watch a wildlife programme and jot down some key facts about the animals
  • Watch from a window and count any wildlife you see
  • Complete an exercise routine
  • Write instructions on how to do basic tasks (such as how to brush your teeth, make a sandwich etc)
  • Measure ingredients out and bake a cake
  • Write about your favourite book/film/character
  • Invent a character/superhero
  • Create a piece of art
  • Keep a daily diary
  • Design a new toy
  • Invent something
  • Chat and enjoy each other’s company