Continuation of Learning…

Here are our Remote Education policies…

Endon Hall Remote Learning and Communication Policy – updated Jan 2021

Endon Hall Remote Learning and Communication Acceptable Use Policy – updated Jan 2021

In the case of an individual/small group/s of children having to self isolate, year group task packs are available here and via Google Classroom…

      Year 6 – Continuation of Learning

     Year 5 – Continuation of Learning

     Year 4 – Continuation of Learning

     Year 3 – Continuation of Learning

     Year 2 – Continuation of Learning

     Year 1 – Continuation of Learning

     Reception – Continuation of Learning

     Nursery – Continuation of Learning

If parents/carers wish to return completed work, they can do so, by uploading it to Google Classroom. If work is returned it will be marked in as timely a manner as possible, bearing in mind that staff will still be operating with their full bubble in school.

If an entire year group bubble is out of school, different arrangements will be in place and relevant parents/carers will be informed accordingly.

End of year curriculum overviews:




  • The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown’ is an extraordinary collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures, with contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators. It can be downloaded completely free via…


Great activities to try with your child… 

  • Watch a wildlife programme and jot down some key facts about the animals
  • Watch from a window and count any wildlife you see
  • Complete an exercise routine
  • Write instructions on how to do basic tasks (such as how to brush your teeth, make a sandwich etc)
  • Measure ingredients out and bake a cake
  • Write about your favourite book/film/character
  • Invent a character/superhero
  • Create a piece of art
  • Keep a daily diary
  • Design a new toy
  • Invent something
  • Chat and enjoy each other’s company